Internet Safety Week

Review the 'Power Boost' statements with your child or student(s) each day & take a few minutes to watch the video. Then have a discussion about what they can do to stay safe online.

Although every kid is surrounded by media,
 every child has control over what they view, 
what they post and what they pass along. 
That is POWER !!! 


"I will not view, post, or pass along embarrassing or negative information."

Click link for: K-3 video (2 min 23 sec) & quizGr. 4-5 video (2 min 19 sec) & quiz


"I will keep my personal information private"

Click link for: K-3 video (2 min 22 sec) & quiz | Gr. 4-5 video (2 min 41 sec) & quiz


"I will tell a trusted adult if anything makes me feel uncomfortable."

Click link for: K-3 video (2 min 02 sec) quiz Gr. 4-5 video (2 min 16 sec) quiz


"I will encourage those around me to make smart choices in media and online."

Click link for: K-3 video (1 min 57 sec) quiz | Gr. 4-5 video (2 min 12 sec) quiz

[Sources: whiteribbonweek.org , netsafeutah.org ]